Get a ⚡ address for your CLN node

Step 1 - Connection info

How to get this

sendsats needs to connect to your node to fetch invoices, use this command to get your node's connection information

lightning-cli -F getinfo |
    grep '^\(id\|address\[0\]\.\(address\|port\)\)' |
    cut -d= -f2- |
    tr '\n' ' ' |
    (read -r ID ADDR PORT; echo "$ID@${ADDR}:$PORT")

Step 2 - Authorization

What is this? needs permission to create invoices on your node, we recommend minting this rune which only gives us permission to call the invoice RPC and nothing else. rate=30 means that we can only this method 30 times per minute. Adjust to your liking!

lightning-cli commando-rune restrictions='["method=invoice","rate=30"]'

Step 3 - Lightning Address Settings

Huh? Settings?

lightning addresses include some additional information when a user is about to send sats to your address. You can set that up here. Please include an email so we can contact you about your order if there are any issues.

Step 4 - Checkout

This costs sats!?

You are paying to reserve this particular username and to prevent spamming. It also incentivizes me to keep this site running. If you decide to try this out, thanks for supporting my work!

1x Lightning Address:




Contact Email:

Price: 39,999 sats